The second edition of the ONE R is here, distinguished among the other TRS models, for its anodized aluminum frame and for the perfect balance between its features and market positioning, on this occasion, the version with electric starter is also available, a giant step forward in the specialty of Trial Sports.

With an innovative design, a more exclusive and attractive look, which maintains the line of the GOLD model in terms of symmetries, with the brand’s own seal, and powered by the powerful engine of the RR, the new ONE R model maintains in 2021 the TECH aluminum front fork, REIGER one-way rear shock and KEIHIN carb, plus other TOP components such as the BRAKTEC monoblock four-piston front brake caliper, GALFER discs, the NEKEN handlebars and different mechanical improvements implemented during the course of the current year.


New Air filter box that incorporates a new air inlet with more flow obtaining better performance throughout its regime, its new upper baffle guarantees better protection to the foam of the filter, as well as better protection against dirt, reinforced in the most areas exposed to breakage substantially improves its robustness.

The new DC regulator allows the motorcycle to always work at a constant temperature increasing the performance of the motor in extreme situations.

The clutch assembly has improved in internal finishes, (tolerances and flatness) to ensure optimum performance.

New SPAL fun ventilator with a higher air flow, equipped as well on RR & GOLD.

New frame finishing.

New 2021 graphics.

Electric Start Option

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