TRS Gold Series






The new TRRS ONE GOLD arrives with a completely renewed aesthetic proposal. A series limited to 150 units of the most exclusive model manufactured by the brand.

This year, the GOLD reaffirms even more its Racing DNA with new features in the cycle part and the engine, together with a new and more innovative aesthetic proposal. It is equipped with a long list of details for the most demanding users who are looking for a
unique, exclusive and high performance motorbike.

A work of engineering, technology and design in which carbon fibre is present in multiple components such as; the air filter box, the front mudguard bridge, as well as the silencer protector.

It is equipped with the highest performance components of the brand such as; the red anodised machined cylinder head with high compression cylinder head (300cc model), the Racing high voltage coil or the extra fast throttle control with bearing for maximum

In the suspension section, the new GOLD uses the best material currently available on the market; Reiger 3-way shock absorber with Hydrostop technology with new settings used by Aniol Gelabert, together with the 39mm TECH Kashima fork with aluminium bars.

All this accompanied by a multitude of exclusive and differential details; machined and laser engraved aluminium callipers, special CNC machined aluminium Braktec front brake caliper, Racing approved rear brake disc, machined and red anodised wheel hubs customised with GOLD Edition logo, Renthal handlebars, quick lever adjusters, among other details that make the GOLD a highly exclusive motorbike in its segment.

The grey frame harmonises perfectly with the new yellow-coloured graphics and the GOLD model’s characteristic gold ignition and clutch covers.


Swing Arm:

•The new TRRS-designed swingarm in black is fitted. This provides more dimensional accuracy, as well as greater sensitivity and control over the rear axle.
• The new swingarm axle bolt, bushing and seals significantly reduce the free play of the system and its maintenance, as well as making it easier to fit.

Rear Shock Absorber:

•Reiger 3-way shock absorber with Hydrostop technology with new settings. Replica of the one used by Aniol Gelabert provides the best balance between performance and smoothness, as well as multiple adjustment possibilities.
• Specific linkage for the Gold model anodised in red colour.

Chain Tensioner:

• It is equipped with the new spring and chain tensioner bushing which increase the resistance to spring fatigue, reducing the maintenance of this component.

Foot Pegs:
•Aluminium machined and laser engraved foot pegs exclusive to the GOLD model.

Air Filter Box:
•Air filter housing assembly made entirely of carbon fibre.

Steering system:

• New nut on the steel steering head pipe. It also incorporates an O-ring that improves the sealing to avoid maintenance or wear problems and improve the reliability of the assembly.
• Gloss black anodised steering stems.

Front Suspension
• The TECH Kashima 39mm aluminium front fork. Maximum lightness and resistance, designed for the most demanding riders with the possibility of 3 adjustment parameters.
• Front fork bridge made of carbon fibre.


•Renthal Fatbar handlebar mounted with Renthal grips for a perfect grip on the bike’scontrols.

Brakes and clutch:
• Braktec front brake caliper machined from CNC machined aluminium.
• Braktec adjustable brake pump and clutch with CNC machined aluminium covers..

Throttle control:

•Fast throttle control for quicker throttle response.
• Bearing for the outside of the throttle grip. Prevents the rod from rubbing against the handlebars for a cleaner and
smoother feel.

Rear mudguard:

• The LED system is reincorporated in the rear fender.

• The new graphics and the new frame colour harmonise the new GOLD with a timeless and aggressive


Cylinder Head:

•Machined cylinder head with temperature sensor with high compression cylinder headinsert (300cc).

High coil:

• High racing coil for better combustion by extending the spark time of the spark plug.
• Spark plug made of iridium to guarantee maximum spark quality and durability of the component under heavy use.


• New CDI mapping optimised for improved engine response smoothness at low revs and a more linear and progressive power curve.


It is equipped with the new centring system for improved assembly and more precise positioning. The new top bracket has also been fitted to optimise assembly and disassembly work.

Standard: 300-280-250-125 cc.
With Electric Start: 300–280–250 cc.

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