New One Gold Is Here!

The TRRS Gold Limited Edition is the most exclusive and differential motorcycle of the brand. A limited series equipped with the highest quality components available on the market.

A model that from its origins shows the most Racing DNA of the brand, with an infinite number of unique details for the most demanding users who are looking for an exclusive motorcycle with the highest performance.

The new TRRS Gold is equipped with multiple carbon fiber components such as the air filter box, the front mudguard holder, as well as the exhaust protector.


In the cycle part, as a novelty in this edition, it is equipped with the new designed TRRS swingarm that gives it more dimensional precision, as well as a performance that provides a greater feeling on the rear axle. All this together with the Reiger 3-way shock absorber with Hydrostop regulation used in competition by our top rider Adam Raga, with the specific rocker link for this model.

At the front, the new model is equipped with the new Tech front fork, with the new Kashima treatment. This increases the hardness of the bar while increasing the sliding capacity. All this allows a smoother ride and reduces the front suspension maintenance.

•    Left/right frame arm painted in red.

Air filter box:
•    Intake hose air filter box. New. -> Better positioning of the air filter.
•    Air filter. New -> Increased air intake.

 New aluminium swingarm design. White colour. -> Gives more dimensional accuracy, as well as a better functional design.
•    125cc specific rear sprocket protector.

Front suspension:
•    Front fork with Kashima treatment bars -> Increases the hardness of the bar, increases the sliding capacity so that the movement is smoother, and maintenance is reduced.

Sticker kit:
•    New graphic design.


In terms of performance, it is equipped with the highest performance components of the brand such as the red anodized compressed cylinder head (300cc model), the high ignition coil, the extra fast gas control with bearing for maximum smoothness and the titanium exhaust curve with forged clamp. 

This is a very special model with lots of exclusive details; machined and laser engraved aluminium footpegs, monoblock front brake, Racing rear brake disc, machined and red anodized wheel hubs customized with GOLD Edition logo, among other details that make the Gold a unique bike in its segment.

Its new graphic design mixes its elegant and sporty character with the exclusivity of a series limited to 150 units.

There is the possibility of equipping the bike with electric starter and the new carburettor starter puller designed by TRRS.

Standard: 300 – 280 – 250 – 125 cc.
Electric Start: 300 – 280 – 250 cc.

•    Forged titanium exhaust pipe clamp -> Increases the stiffness of the fixing.

•    Zinc plated radiator cap -> Improves cooling system maintenance.

•    Crowned piston. 
•    Crankshaft assembly.
•    Reinforced and more compressed inner cylinder head.
•    Cylinder head cover reinforced with temperature sensor.
•    Magnetic flywheel with new configuration. -> Increased torque at low revs and more lineal power delivery.

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