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  1. Hi Glenn,
    I am not sure what you mean by a shop manual.

  2. Hi Mitch, as far as I’m aware there isn’t a flywheel weight available, sorry

  3. Hi Alan give me a call, I’ll explain, easier by phone

  4. Glenn Loper says:

    I’m looking for a Shop manual for the 16 TRS 300. I found a user manual but it doesn’t have enough detail.
    Thank you!

  5. George Gage says:

    Hello, Im trying to get frame guards for my new TRS one, please can you help?

  6. Mitch says:

    Fly wheel weight for TRS 280 are they available??

  7. Alan Robinson says:

    Hi Steve,

    Just bought a 250 RR and i have a clutch judder. I have just run it in so will change the gearbox oil and see how I get on over the weekend.

    Are there any known issues with this judder?



  8. Hi Andrew it is a 2.5mm Allen key
    Clockwise stiffer
    Anti clockwise softer

  9. Hi David, who ever told you that is not telling the truth, we have not had one gear box failure in 265 bikes

  10. Hi Errol yes lean bike to the side and re fill

  11. A Earnshaw says:

    Hi TRS UK

    My superb 250rr needs a front fork fettle now that they are bedded in. What tool do I use for the adjusters underneath the bottom of the fork legs ?


  12. David Whipp says:

    Hi. Im thinking of buying a 280 an then a guy at a practice area said they have had big problems with gearboxes, its kind of put me off a bit..
    Is this the case

  13. Errol says:

    Hi Steve, I have noted in the comments how to drain and re-fill the engine oil but with reagards to levels…

    Bike is 250CC RR.

    Do you suggest putting the bike at an angle when draining to get as much as possible out?

    How much should I be putting back in?


  14. Hi Taff, The rear one will definitely fit. And if the front has 6004 wheel bearings then I am sure this will as well.

  15. Taff Davies says:

    Will my spare wheels off my 2015 Mont 4rt fit the TRS 250rr ?

  16. Hi Ryan,
    The 280 is very smooth, the carb alone would make the bike aggressive but the re map cdi and reduced crankcase compression compensates for it the bike is still very rider friendly.

  17. Hi Glen, you can use ATF or an ultra light gear oil not nano tech !!!.

  18. Glen Quinn says:

    I need to change engine oil, do you use light gear oil 75w such as putoline ? I have always used atf in my previous life as a Gas Gas owner

  19. Ryan says:

    Will the 280 RR ride as smooth as the standard 280 one. Does the carb and different mapping make the power to aggressive. Thanks.

  20. Sean noyce says:

    Hi how much warranty does the trs come with? Thanks

  21. George Rahn says:

    Would you know of anyone who has made a flywheel weight for a TRS? I know it would have to be custom..just thought to ask..Thank You!

  22. These are S3 but without the S3 Logo. as they are branded with the TRS logo. Thanks

  23. Sal says:

    Which brand of handlebar comes with the bikes? Cheers

  24. Hari says:

    On my bike there is no sag at the rear, but also no hard knock when it comes back. I will try with 15mm.
    Thank you very much Steve.

  25. Hi Hari,
    The rebound is the screw at the bottom of the shock, by the linkage, you can make the rebound faster by screwing this anti clockwise.
    the compression is done via the purple knob at the top, again anti clockwise for softer damping. 15mm sag with bike under its own weight for me this is very important.
    hope this helps.

  26. Hari says:

    Hi, thanks for the quick answer.
    I got my bike already with the Reiger.
    At the moment it feels to stiff and also a little to slow (rebound) for me. I have less than 70 kg.

    If i remember right from my previous bike the purple knop is for compression and the little one is for rebound. The problem is i don’t remember which direction i have to screw it :-).


  27. Hi,
    Thanks for the question. The bikes currently come from the factory with the Olle shock fitted, we can however fit the Ohlins or the Reiger for you. Before you receive the bike.
    There is a Raga rep/factory model coming out in January. I am sure this bike will have the Reiger fitted as standard. This bike will be launched very soon at the Milan show that starts on November 8th.

  28. Sal says:

    Can you order the bike from the Factory with the upgraded rear shock or must you add it yourself later? Cheers

  29. Hi Harald, We have little experience here at the moment with them.We have just started running one on my sons 250 He is quite light weight and all I have done is set the sag at 15mm under the bikes own weight.
    The damping adjustment is a difficult one as everyone likes it slightly different. Are you have problems ?

  30. Hari says:

    can i find informations about “how to setup the Reiger rear shock” somewhere?

  31. trsuk says:

    Olle is standard rear shock, Reiger and Ohlins available as options

  32. trsuk says:

    No protectors available yet

  33. Dan says:

    What brand of rear shock comes with the bike?

  34. Dan says:

    Are there dog bone protectors available yet?

  35. trsuk says:

    Chain should have a 7- 10 mm gap between underside of swing arm to top of tensioner pad … see image

    chain adjustment

  36. Jason Gregory says:

    What is the correct chain adjustment please?

  37. trsuk says:

    TRS Fuel Tank
    We recognise there have been some fuel tank issues, we have supplied new replacements under guaranty as you would expect.

    These have just been replacement with the same item.

    It has taken a couple of months to understand what has been wrong as this appears to be mostly a UK issue.

    We now have a new design tank out on test with genuine customers as well as team TRS UK bikes. Results so far are positive.

  38. trsuk says:

    Tech Forks
    Hiya … the best place for Tech Fork info is their own website, it has technical downloads available … just scroll to the bottom of the page below.

    (Thanks to Dave Fallows for the heads up on the link)


  39. Jason Gregory says:

    Do you have any technical info for the Tech Forks .. service and set-up etc

    cheers, Jason Gregory

  40. trsuk says:

    The oil drain is just bellow gear lever on the left hand side.silver Allen bolt 6mm Allen tool.

    The fill is above sprocket just to the side of the carburettor

    Filler plug with black dot in in photo …


  41. Nick Baker says:

    Hi there, just run in my new TRS, I want to change the gearbox oil, do I drain from the hole right underneath, and fill from the plug near the front sprocket?

    Nick Baker