TRS launches to hit the market strongly with the new TRS ONE.


The new trial Brand announced its creation end 2013 and is now ready to start the definitive arrival with the new trial model TRS ONE in three displacements, 300, 280 and 250 cc.

During these two years previous to the presentation of the bike, the TRS engineers and technical crew, have used the support from all kind of professionals contributing to assure the right and proper evolution, reliability and quality of the model itself.

TRS will soon start its production at the industrial facilities that the brand has in Sant Fruitós del Bages (Barcelona), where the company has the R & D department and from where bikes and other related products will de supplied to the domestic market and the rest of the world (North and South America, Europe as a whole, Japan and Australia).

TRS has arrived precisely on a tumultuous situation concerning the world of trial in general terms and some of its factories more concretely, with a full business plan for both, the product and the sporting activity.


SOME WORDS FROM JORDI TARRES: TRS was born thanks to our passion for Trial and experience accumulated over more than 30 years.

Due to the size of the project, we decided to work with lot of care since its conception, design and industrialization using always the best and most advanced technologies.

We have achieved our goal, a compact and light motorcycle in terms of weight, with the necessary reliability and robustness to fight against any kind of obstacle.

We have managed to supply a new and different feeling when riding it, due to its geometry and suspension, becoming a real attractive and easy adaptation for al kind of riders regardless of their level.

65 kg. offer a real feeling of lightness without damaging stability and giving the real possibility to climb up to the top.


The engine has been developed and designed specifically for the practice of trial, taking into consideration each and every single part of it to ensure the best performance and maximum power, and placing inside numerous technical improvements that make it unique in the market.

We have brought the bike at the highest level of “stress” during the time of developement and testing, to ensure the best success when reaching the market.

TRS ONE has exceeded the actual and common standards in terms of technology and style, showing the best performance, an extraordinary style and an exceptional behavior.


Larger TRS ONE images from Studio and Action shots available from DROPBOX Folder

Exciting announcement from TRS Motorcycles UK



Steve Saunders is pleased to announce that with immediate effect he will be the UK distributor for the new to the market TRS brand of trials machines and will operate under the name of TRS Motorcycles UK.

Well respected in the trials world with his SXS trials schools, Steve also offers experience days for those new to the sport as well as accessory and workshop facilities. He is Team manager and mentor to Ross Danby and Becky Cook who are both currently riding on the British and World circuit respectively.

Marc Arano & Steve Saunders

Marc Arano & Steve Saunders

As a 10 time British Champion, factory rider of many marques and runner up of the 1986 World Trials Championship, Steve gave his thoughts on the new venture ..
“I’m extremely pleased to be working with Jordi Tarres and Marc Arano following our earlier successful collaboration, Jordi’s continual strive for innovation in the development of the trials machine has always impressed me along with his fine attention to detail.”

“Having been consulted throughout the design phase of the project and taking factory visits with Jordi and Marc to discuss progression, I am delighted with the outcome.


L to R .. Josep Borrell, Jordi Tarres, Marc Arano, Pablo Delgado.

It is a visually stunning machine, produced to exacting standards that will initially be offered in 250, 280 and 300cc engine sizes. This will give riders the choice to select a machine that will perform at all levels of the sport including the premier classes; the brand offers a good mix of looks, mechanical ability and reliability that is vital in this modern era of trials.”

Jordi Tarres

Jordi Tarres

Steve goes on to explain, ” Any new venture requires core financial stability and this is foremost in the TRS company vision; they have independent business interests already generating large turnover and profit which affords them to invest and develop the TRS brand. Amongst their portfolio is a large motor industry logistics company along with the revamped motorcycle accessories and clothing brand Hebo that will be familiar to enthusiasts. This business model will offer potential purchasers the confidence to buy into a brand that is aimed at giving long-term stability and support to customers as well as competition success.”

The commitment to the trials and motorsport world shown by the continued interests of Steve, Jordi (left) and Marc along with the input from other proven international trials figures will undoubtedly make the future of the TRS bike a success in the sport. Having over 50 years combined experience in top level trials riding and development expertise alongside secure organizational and financial backing will enable TRS to launch the new bike and establish this brand as a leader in the market place.

To register your interest and be updated on the UK release dates please email Steve at

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TRS and TR3B

TRS has defined together with TR3B, the parameters of their collaboration regarding the distribution of the new trial motorcycle in the French market.


TRS and Philipe Barletier (TR3B), have designed the parameters, concerning the launch of the nextcoming trial motorcycle designed by Jordi Tarrés.

TR3B, is a company managing actually a wide portfolio of brands linked to trial and enduro, leaded by the former French champion Philipe Berlatier, who has followed the creation of the new TRS since its real beginning, holding a close relationship and a strong presence in the racing field through his company TR3B.

Philipe Barletier visited the new facilities of TRS Motorcycles in Manresa (provine of Barcelona) late January and had the opportunity to test the prototype that the brand has ready since the beginning of this year.

These parameters have been the first brick placed by TRS on a more comercial sense right after a year and a half of pure technical developement.

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