Bike Trial, New TRS Models

Since its foundation, TRS has progressively covered all the fields that have to do with trialsports, being the only brand 100% specialized in this segment, it was not uncommon for the brand to propose its entry into the world of Bike Trial, strengthening the structure of its business and increasing its synergies with some of the companies of the Group, in this case Clean Trials, led by Abel Mustieles, world champion of its modality and the person who from a mechanical and industrial perspective has proposed together with Jordi Tarrés the two TRS models that will arrive to the shops soon.

TRS, aware that it enters a market where the competition is voracious, has decided to do it with three models, the TRS Bike Trial of 20″ using rear tyre and wheel size 20 x 2.0 for start level, the TRS Bike Trial 20” (wrt –wide rear tyre) using rear tyre of dimensions 19 x 2.6 for adults and Elite riders, and the TRS Bike Trial 26″, resorting to the best combination between innovation and simplicity so that the fun to their controls is assured.


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