TRS 2020 Raga Racing

2020 Raga Racing

TRS Motorcycles presents in the framework of the Milan show, the RAGA RACING 2020 with the sole objective of continuing to offer the best in terms of quality, performance and effectiveness.

After four years of evolution, the Raga Racing 2020, reaches its optimum point of perfection, reliability, aesthetics and performance.

The new TRRS ONE RR 2020, which will be available in four displacements (300, 280, 250 and 125 cc) from this month of November, incorporates mainly the following details:


New footrest TRRS “Grip” in investment casting, provide greater grip and resistance.

The footrest support has also been redesigned to house a 10mm shaft that provides better integration of the assembly.

Red Silicone cooling tubes.

New chain tensioner: improves its performance and resistance.

New frame Protector: protects the frame when falling and improves the grip of the boots.

Suspension triple clamp and red anodized fender support.

New NEKEN Handlebar design.

New design of the rear sprocket.


For this occasion, the brand has opted for a considerable esthetic change without losing the DNA that characterizes the star model.

Without leaving the color palette that characterizes TRRS, this model gets a more Racing character marked by the incorporation of the red color on the frame.


The new Air filter box incorporates a new air inlet with more flow obtaining better performance throughout its regime, its new upper baffle guarantees better protection to the foam of the filter, as well as better protection against dirt, reinforced in the most areas exposed to breakage substantially improves its robustness.

The new DC regulator allows the motorcycle to always work at a constant temperature increasing the performance of the motor in extreme situations.

BRAKTEC rear brake pump with built-in oil tank.

Engine protector whose new design improves protection in the magnetic flywheel area and protects the frame from crashes.

In the frame section the resistance and stiffness in the front area has been improved.

The demodromic shaft and gear selector, are now made of aluminum with treatment (hard anodized) to reduce the weight and achieve a firmer touch.
In the exhaust system, an improvement has been achieved at the level of noise and duration of the fibers.

The clutch assembly has improved in internal finishes, (tolerances and flatness) to ensure optimum performance.

Reprogramming of the CDI, an improvement in the response of low and high is achieved.

The suspensions have improved in sensitivity thanks to its new settings.

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