TRS ONE – E Kids

After several years in the Trial market with highly accepted combustion models, TRS Motorcycles presents its first electric motorcycle design, focused on the youngest riders.

The Firm has bet strongly, in order to get a product of great benefits and high quality in all its components, the result seems obvious!

This new jewel of TRS Motorcycles will be marketed as of December 2019 in version 20 ”for riders aged between 6 and 10 years of age, and in 16” for the youngest from February 2020.

Aluminum monocoque frame:

At first glance, an innovative integration of all the electrical components in the cycle part can be seen.

The 48V. 17.5A lithium-ion battery integrated in the frame allows weight distribution to be optimized, guarantees its tightness and provides total protection.

Up to 3 hours of autonomy for beginner riders.

4A battery charger: provides fast charging in less than 3 hours.

48V 1.350W electric motor: located in the lowest and centered part of the frame, to obtain a better center of gravity.

3.000 RPM with a torque of 32Nn.