Technical documents, videos and advice for the TRS One …

Manual and parts book for new Reiger Hydro Stop rear shock fitted to the Gold Edition .. click for download

Some have asked about technical manuals and set-up information for the Tech forks fitted to the TRS One ..


2641-MANUAL_OIL_SEAL_CHANGE__Trial_DX_.pdf (via dropbox)

Youtube page for technical videos … HERE

TRS Parts are now available directly from the Saunders Extreme Sports site. Exploded diagrams of all models and the ability to order directly from the parts list.

TRS One Owners manual .. UK language version. (3.5mb – download)

Tech forks information

Tech forks information

For technical information, set-up and servicing of the Tech forks fitted to your TRS please visit the Tech Forks page by clicking on the image above .. scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see technical downloads. (Thanks to Dave Fallows for the heads up on the link)

Early TRS One starting procedure …




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