The TRRS GOLD, is the natural evolution of an innovative project; since model was born last year,  it arrives now the market full of new solutions that place it at the top.

A reference model in sportsmanship, finishes and performance, conceived in the experienced competition department of the brand.

Inimitable for its aggressive and spectacular design, it is the heiress of the successes achieved by the top rider Adam Raga, adopting many of the technical solutions used in the Trial World Championship and becoming a winning motorcycle.

It is not just the lightest bike in its category, it also offers great confidence when riding it, being the best option for professional and amateur riders.

The engine has been renewed with a new crankshaft that substantially improves the performance, thanks to its improvement in the balance and the compression ratio of the crankcase.

A new design in the dome of the cylinder head, together with the new compression ratio, give it a nobler behavior at low speed and provide a more reactive behavior.

Only in this model, TRS incorporates a new system of desmodronic and star of desmo entirely of aluminum, with a hard anodized finish that significantly lightens the propeller.

In the cycle part, the rigidity of the front part of the frame has been improved, with a modification in the side profiles and in the forges, which wrap the steering head, giving it a more precise character in the front axle.

The filter box made completely in carbon and the fender support using also of the same material, characterize this limited series of only 150 units.

The new GOLD is equipped with a REIGER Hydrostop shock absorber with new compression settings and a new buffer adapter, which provides a more progressive end-of-stroke feeling.

The TECH Gold front suspension comes with a new adjustment and red machined plugs.

Concerning brakes, the model assembles the highest Braktec range, CNC front caliper, adjustable brake and clutch pump with mechanized covers, a rear brake pump with oil tank included is also incorporated.

The TRRS GOLD 2019 arrives with a completely renewed style, incorporating the yellow color for the frame, combined with multiple components anodized in red as well as black plastics.

This new limited and numbered series of 150 units by TRS, will be available in the commercial network from next May in all its displacements, 125cc-250cc-280cc-300cc


125 – £7395

250, 280 or 300 – £7499

TRS Gold 2019

TRS GOLD SERIES 2019 125, 250, 280 & 300 cc. Month: April – May 2019 Technical Specs:

2019 Raga Racing launched

The third generation and evolution of the most R model at TRS comes to the market once again, the new RAGA RACING 2019, which will be at all Distributors in November 2018!!!

The new RR 2019, available  like its predecessor in its four displacements, 125, 250, 280 and 300, continues to be the flagship and best-selling model of TRS and this year, incorporates a long list of evolutions and technical improvements that Without a doubt, will contribute to continue optimizing their behavior & performance …

Evolutions & Technical improvements


1 – New Graphics.
2 – Water pump cover with new centerings.
3 – New water pump shaft – Better reliability.
4 – Rear brake pump with new curved tube double diameter.
5 – Front brake new calippers.
6 – New brake and cluth pumps.
7 – Engine covers new mechanization.
8 – Rear Wheel axe screw with steel insert. Avoid potential seizures.
9 – New exhaust forged supports with silemblock. Avoids vibration and improves reliability.
10 – New setting on rear schock REIGER.
11 – Front fork with new setting.
12 – New KEIHIN carburation 48 – 125 4 position needle. Slow jet from 45 to 48.
13 – CDI with new programme and more power on bottom.
14 – Carters with new tolerance and mechanization. Improves performance.
15 – Cylinder new distribution.
16 – Reinforced connecting link.
17 – Frame tap devaporizer tube adaptor plastic.
18 – New protector for the filter box.
19 – Clutch selector with new spring. Better touch and softer.
20 – New side stand and support. 

New TRRS Bike For kids

New TRRS Push Bike for kids, 2-6 years.

Completely made of Carbon Fibre!!
For our future Champions🏆 @ TRS Motorcycles Factory
Bike will be officially presented at EICMA Milano


The third generation and evolution of the first trial model, the TRRS ONE, with which TRS was born at the end of year 2015, later on joined by the RR and Gold series, has arrived to the market.

The new TRRS ONE 2019, that will be launched in July this year in four displacements,125, 250, 280 and 300, will continue to be the model with which the brand from Barcelona, manages to reach the vast majority of trial riders, offering the best balance between performance and behaviour with respect to its price.

The new ONE 2019, incorporates technical evolutions that allow a better performance and behavior improving the feeling of all those who choose this alternative offered by TRS Motorcycles in its catalog.

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Gold Series

The new TRRS GOLD EDITION limited series, constitutes a new paradigm of technique and styling, it is the bike that for the first time has demonstrated the possibility of combining maximum performance, exemplary design and exceptional efficiency with the performance of a competition bike.  

The TRRS GOLD EDITION is dressed for consolidation, being instantly recognizable. Uses exceptional components and details that reflect the constant concern of TRS to be the best.

The new GOLD confirms the winning intuition of the brand.


Like its predecessors, we continue to offer a completely sporty character without losing the efficiency that characterizes us. The new distribution in the cylinder, its new cylinder head design, the new air intake in its majestic carbon filter box and a new reprogramming of the CDI, accentuate the sporty character to unbelievable limits. Its new variable clutch preload, provides the possibility to find the perfect “setting” for each riding style.

With no doubt, the new REIGER HYDROSTOP 40mm three-way damper will not leave anyone unsatisfied, its smoothness and its multiple adjustment possibilities allow for a perfect set-up.
The TECH Gold front suspension reflect properly its own name, exceptional details and perfect functioning, provide an unusual touch to face all kinds of obstacles.

The TRRS GOLD is the most competent and high performance model on the ONE range.

TRS will make 150 units of this new model Gold Edition with in the months of June and July, and will keep in catalogue its core model Raga Racing until the month of November, coinciding with the Milano Motorshow EICMA.

The Company will make an upgrade of the model ONE in July and forecasts the launch of the new Xtrack for September/ October.


2018 RR Shown at EICMA



New kick-starter system with increased performance.
New gear shift system, increased precision and smoother operation.
New secondary shaft with resized bearings, increased strength.
New crankshaft and resized crankshaft bearings.
New clutch cover adapted to the new kick-starter system.
New machining of the clutch actuator levers.
New engine tolerances, quieter and livelier.
New kick start pedal fulcrum, hard anodized.


New Tech Gold fork, with new settings and increased sensititvity.
New Reiger rear shock absorber set-up, softer, faster and increased sensititvity.


New TRRS radiator with larger diameter and waterpoof SPAL fan and motor.
New brake disc and sprocket protectors, improved flexibility.
New design micro-fusion investment cast rear brake and shift pedals.
New cylinder head and combustión chamber, improves performance.
New KEIHIN carburetor spring, improved smoothness during operation.

New fuel tank. Larger capacity and improved finish.
New fuel tank cap. Larger diameter, easier to operate, improved sealing.

New graphic design and stickers.
New NEKEN handlebars.

New CDI connection, improved finish.

RR and 125 models expected arrival Jan 2018