Hebo acquired

Hebo, the mythical Catalan brand, manufacturer of textile products and accessories for the motorcycle industry, has been acquired by an industrial group based in Barcelona.

Hebo, whose main activity has been for over twenty years the design, production and distribution of all kind of products for bikes, considered as well the market leader on this segment, will receive the necessary financial and structural resources to execute a business plan that will allow to complete the international consolidation and grouth of the company.

Sources from Hebo have confirmed, that the new owners of the company agree 100% with the content of this business plan in all its terms, the development of new products and projects on one side, and its general philosophy, based on enhancing the initial values ​​of the Brand when it was born already years ago.

The acquisition of Hebo´s production unit, has become a reality thanks to the initiative of Ricardo Novel, a business man from Barcelona who currently participates several companies directly linked to logistics, spare parts and other industrial processes always in relation to the automotive industry, the same man who saw on TRS Motorcycles the opportunity of continuing his plans to support the construction of a solid and innovative industrial tissue in Barcelona and that right after having put a first step on the 2 wheels market six months ago with the support of Jordi Tarrés, has decided to strenght this decision with the acquisition of other companies such as Hebo.

Hebo will keep the production facilities in the province of Gerona, from where all the areas of the company will be managed.

Mail:   info@hebo.com

Site:    www.hebo.com

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